The Misconception of Labour Broking and Outsourcing Short-term vs Long-term employment.

By Sandile Gwala

The concepts of labour broking and outsourcing are often misinterpreted and are used interchangeably, creating confusion about the intent behind the concepts. There are a number of differences between the two. The key difference is the type of employment generated. Labour broking is more inclined towards temporary or casual employment, while outsourcing creates fixed-term or permanent employment, and employees are entitled to the benefits and full protection under the Labour Relations Act.

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A Case Study in the Financial Services Sector Business Partnership in Action

By Francois Burger

South Africa’s volatile economic environment provides challenges for organisations belonging to different industries. In the financial services industry, the search for skills still continues, as organisations depend on deploying ‘the right people at the right time’. New technologies have been found to disrupt the value proposition of existing services and products, thus improving service delivery and product offerings.

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Outsourcing is good for job creation in South Africa

By Vikash Ramharuk

South Africa has identified Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as an enabler for economic and social growth. Taking examples from countries such as India and Philippines where the industry has had huge success, South Africa is progressing well towards developing its currently nascent BPO industry. South Africa is emerging as an outsourcing destination with a growing English-speaking population, which is qualified and further supported by a time zone that overlaps with most of the regions. Cost savings, revenue-generating services, presence of large outsourcing service providers and buyers, the availability of French, Portuguese, and Dutch speaking talent is also favouring South Africa as the next outsourcing destination for the developed world.

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