Services Overview​

SoluGrowth is a South African Process Solutions company serving clients across the globe providing services in the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Managed Solutions areas. We offer world-class outsourcing solutions that help our clients achieve growth and cost efficiencies on a range of business processes. Solugrowth’s core strength is in the management of highly complex end to end projects that involve our services and competencies within our Finance and Accounting, Payroll services, Corporate Procurement, Digital Technology Solutions and IT Outsourcing. This is well complemented by a highly qualified and experienced team positioned to provide a centre of excellence for local and multinational entities looking at growing on the African Continent.
  • Transaction Accounting
  • Procure-to-Pay
  • Order-to-Cash
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Record-to-Report
  • Treasury
  • Strategic Decision Support
  • Financial Planning & Analysis

Pre-payroll processing

  • Payroll gross-to-net processing
  • Process on-cycle payroll
  • Process on-demand payroll
  • Process other forms of compensation

Post-payroll processing

  • Execute funding process
  • Remit third-party payments and schedule
  • Process requests to stop pay and re-issue
  • Validate and generate the GL file
  • Print and distribute payslips
  • File UIF Returns

EXPAT payment services

  • Administer and pay Expat expenses
  • Validate and generate reports
  • Category Management
  • Sourcing Management
  • Contract and Supplier Management
  • Tactical and Transactional
  • Performance and Compliance Reporting
Accounts Payable
  • Source-to-Pay & Tools
  • Master Data Management
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Enterprise Document Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Journey to the Cloud
  • Data Analytics
  • Following “if/then” decisions and rules
  • e-Procurement
  • Block Chain
  • ERP Solutions
  • Facilities Management
  • Software Development
  • Call Centre
  • Technical Support
  • Website Design and Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Actuarial Services
  • Technical Accounting

Business Process Solutions (BPS)

Our BPS business is focused on managing a wide range of business processes through qualified professionals who use automation and optimization tools to help improve efficiency, reduce operational costs and increase productivity, while capitalizing on process automation technologies.

We offer numerous solutions within BPS:

  • Payroll Solutions
  • Finance and Accounting Solutions
  • SETA Solutions
  • Procurement (Corporate and Projects) Outsourcing
  • Capital Projects Support
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Contract Management
  • Projects Cost Accounting & Projects Reporting
  • Projects Analysics

Knowledge Process Solutions (KPS)

Our KPS Solutions brings together insights and data, to help our clients with their strategic decision-making processes. Our services in the KPS area include Procurement solutions / Supply Chain Management, Actuarial and Technical Accounting.

Transformational Management Consulting (TMC)

  • Smart Real Estate Advisory
  • Assets Registers
  • Managed Lease Administration
  • Condition Assessments
  • Real Estate System Implementation
  • Technology-Connected Asset Management

Technology Industry Digital Solutions (TIDS)

We provide innovative and disruptive technology solutions aligned to our client’s business strategies and objectives. Our solutions include a range of managed services and cloud based solutions that give our clients access to leading-edge technology while improving efficiencies. Our services include Robotic Process Automation Solutions, Artificial Intelligence and Business Process Management.