South Africa’s volatile economic environment provides challenges for organisations belonging to different industries. In the financial services industry, the search for skills still continues, as organisations depend on deploying ‘the right people at the right time’. New technologies have been found to disrupt the value proposition of existing services and products, thus improving service delivery and product offerings.

SoluGrowth has deep expertise in the financial services industry.  We have partnered with a global financial services and technology company, who had a specific need around driving operational cost reduction. An outsourcing arrangement with our client assists in optimising services in a more cost-effective manner and provides access to additional skills and capabilities. Through this business partnership, our client enjoys the following benefits:

• Access to our bank of skills and expertise

• Continuous improvement and innovative solutions

• Cost effectiveness

• Time zone differences allow for queries to be swiftly resolved, without delays to our client’s operations

We may be a South African company, but we are comfortable serving clients who have global reach.  We know that in order to grow into foreign markets, tap new segments, or sell diversified products or services, successful partnerships will be a defining factor and must form part of our business strategy.